Training Modules

About the Modules

In order to provide the most comprehensive, effective, and interactive training experience, some of the training curriculum is presented in online module format prior to the start of training. As is common in a "flipped classroom," students engage with the material individually and engage in the processing and application of content during in-person sessions.

There are a total of seven modules that RAs must complete prior to the start of training. These modules will be located in Blackboard. 

Modules will launch on Wednesday, July 26 and must be complete by 11:59pm on Tuesday, August 8.

  • Module #1: Who We Are & What We Do (approximately 8 minutes)
  • Module #2: GVSU & HRL Policies (approximately 13 minutes)
  • Module #3: Inclusion & Equity (approximately 16 minutes)
  • Module #4: Severe Weather (approximately 9 minutes)
  • Module #5: Fire Safety (approximately 8 minutes)
  • Module #6: Clery (approximately 15 minutes)
  • Module #7: Title IX/Responsible Employee (approximately 45 minutes)

Completion Timeline

Modules range from approximately 8-45 minutes in length and are forced completion, meaning review questions must be answered correctly before proceeding to the next slide and completing the module.

TIP: Be sure to both read and listen to the module content. Review questions are based on content both printed and narrated in the modules. Keep your speakers on and do not skip slides.

While all seven modules could be completed in one 2.5 hour period, it is recommended that you complete just one or two modules per sitting. A suggested timeline is below:

  • Sitting #1: Modules #1 & #2 (Who We Are & What We Do and GVSU & HRL Policies) - completion time approximately 20 minutes
  • Sitting #2: Module #3 (Inclusion & Equity) - completion time approximately 16 minutes
  • Sitting #3: Modules #4 & #5 (Severe Weather and Fire Safety) - completion time approximately 17 minutes
  • Sitting #4: Module #6 (Clery) - completion time approximately 15 minutes
  • Sitting #5: Module #7 (Title IX/Responsible Employee) - completion time approximately 45 minutes

Accessing the Modules

Modules are located in Blackboard and must be accessed on an internet device with speaker capability.

Accessing the Modules

  • Log into Blackboard
  • Click on RA Training Modules in the Organization menu on the right hand side
  • Click on Modules on the left hand side

Completing the Modules

  • Clicking on the title folder of the module will automatically begin the slideshow and narration
  • Keep the sound turned on, do not skip slides, and complete the review questions as prompted
  • Clicking on Progress on the left hand side will show you which modules you have successfully completed, which have been opened or attempted but not completed, and which have not yet been accessed


Trouble accessing the modules? Contact for assistance.

Page last modified July 26, 2017