Police Internship Program

Focus: To enable a student to further his or her education using the knowledge, skills, and abilities harvested at this department while simultaneously benefiting the department through the active and dynamic participation in the internship program.

Program Rationale: Grand Valley State University, by its very nature, is a place for higher learning and the police department is no exception. The department already takes an active role in employing students and educating them through their observations of the workings of the department, but many more lessons can be taught to students through a formalized and structured internship program.

Limited Opportunities: On a limited basis internships have been granted based on department need and the availability of mentoring officers. Traditional candidates are commonly seeking completion of academic internship requirements and have a strong desire to enter the law enforcement profession and/or are pre-law enforcement academy candidates.

Note: Completing this first step of this process does not guarantee that your internship request will be approved.

Step 1: If you are interested in an internship provide a typed letter of interest and an updated resume. Bring this to the GVSU Police Department and arrange contact with Sergeant Leah Heaton.

For more information, contact:

Sergeant Leah Heaton
Grand Valley State University Police Department
(616) 331-3255

Page last modified September 11, 2017