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Campus departments collaborate on library video series

Posted on April 22, 2013

The Office of Student Life and University Libraries have teamed together to create a humorous video series about the different online resources the library offers to the campus community.

The video series, “Hey, did you know?”, features Lewis Stone from the popular “Hey There, Laker!” video series, and student Joe Brown. It is filmed and produced by a team of students from the Student Life Video Team and University Libraries.

“We wanted to find an engaging way to promote digital resources and tools Grand Valley’s libraries offer that some people many not know about,” said Erin Fisher, library program manager at Grand Valley. “The videos will show how the library can help you, plus they’re funny.”

Five videos from the series are on University Libraries’ YouTube channel. Topics of the videos include information about citation tools, an all-inclusive search engine and checking out a lap top computer or tablet.

Watch the videos at

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