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GVSU commits to '8 keys' of success for veterans

Posted on July 14, 2014

Grand Valley State University continues to support student veterans and military members through its commitment to the “8 Keys to Veterans’ Success” initiative. 

The initiative, organized by U.S. Departments of Education and Veterans Affairs, highlights eight ways colleges and universities can support veterans as they pursue their education and employment goals. President Thomas J. Haas recently signed an affirmation letter that commits Grand Valley to upholding the keys, which are outlined at

Steven Lipnicki, assistant dean of students, said committing to the initiative demonstrates Grand Valley’s dedication to going above and beyond with supporting veterans and service members.

“Student veterans and current military members bring great value to Grand Valley,” he said. “Implementing the ‘8 Keys’ demonstrates our continuing commitment to ensure that each receives the best educational experience possible.”

Grand Valley is one of only seven Michigan colleges and universities that has committed to the initiative.

Grand Valley provides support and resources for service members and veterans, including in-state tuition for veterans and active military members who are stationed in Michigan. The university is a member of the Consortium of Michigan Veteran Educators, a statewide network of two-year and four-year institutions that works to support military members and veterans and ensure access to resources that can lead to employment. 

For more information about Grand Valley’s Student Veterans Network, visit

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