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An updated message from President Thomas J. Haas

  • President Thomas J. Haas

Posted on January 30, 2017



Message from President Thomas J. Haas:

January 30, 2017

This message is to update our campus community concerning the executive order issued by President Donald Trump affecting international students and employees at Grand Valley State University. Much remains uncertain regarding the impact of the order, so much assurance is needed.

First, we do not know of any students, faculty or staff members stranded outside of the country or impeded in their travels. Second, the university does not release any private student information or records. They are protected under FERPA — the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act. Grand Valley complies with federal requirements to operate and manage international programs. The university has a long history of welcoming students and scholars without regard for their immigration status and that practice will continue. Central to Grand Valley’s mission is the value of inclusion, and we will not tolerate discrimination based on religion or race. 

We are taking every available step to ensure the safety of our university community and to provide any support we can. The Padnos International Center is reaching out to students who may be impacted by the order, and Human Resources is reaching out to faculty and staff members whose visas and work permits may be affected.

My administration and the Padnos International Center will continue to monitor this situation closely and will update the campus community as we learn new information.

Very respectfully,

Thomas J. Haas


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Recent Campus Wide Communications:
Sanctuary Campus, Immigration Status, and Undocumented and DACA Students
November 23, 2016
Dear Campus Community,
Last week, students, faculty, and staff organized a march and demonstration on campus expressing concerns about and support for undocumented members of our community.   
Grand Valley State University has a long-standing history of valuing diversity and inclusiveness. It is our practice to admit qualified students without regard to citizenship and to support all students in their pursuit of a Grand Valley degree. Since 2013, Grand Valley has provided in-state tuition and university aid to any student who graduates from a Michigan high school and meets aid criteria, regardless of immigration status. We do not maintain information on undocumented student status in our student records. We also ensure the privacy of student and employee records to the fullest extent allowed by law. Additional detail on these policies is found online at
Since 2015, Grand Valley, represented by President Haas’ signature, is the only Michigan campus on the President’s Advisory Commission of Excelencia in Education (, which advocates for increased support and advocacy for Hispanic/Latinx, undocumented and DACA students regarding access, affordability and success.
I hope you will find this information reassuring. The university will also be in ongoing dialogue with members of our community concerned with immigration policies or practices. In the meantime, any member of the community who needs support or information on resources should contact the Dean of Student's office at or 616-331-3585 or the Division of Inclusion and Equity at or 6161-331-3296.
You can take complete confidence in our commitment to all who call Grand Valley home.
Very Respectfully,
Thomas J. Haas, President & Members of the President Cabinet