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Student nursing association earns national recognition

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Posted on May 15, 2017

The National Student Nurses' Association wasn't kidding when it announced Grand Valley as recipient of its Stellar School chapter of the year.

Grand Valley's SNA chapter did indeed have an outstanding year, earning recognition at the national, state and local levels.

Alyssa Wrubel, the chapter's communications director, attributed the success to support from Kirkhof College of Nursing faculty and staff members, community partnerships and student leadership.

"We are really making a difference as a student nursing association," Wrubel said.

The NSNA recognizes stellar school chapters as those that demonstrate a commitment to professional development, shared governance and community involvement. Grand Valley was among three institutions recognized at NSNA's April convention in Texas; the others were Clemson University and University of Southern Indiana.

In February, Grand Valley's SNA was named Michigan's chapter of the year at the annual convention in Ann Arbor. Part of the award criteria included writing a successful legislative resolution, which was later adopted at the national convention. The resolution was written by SNA president Jamie Platt; it focused on increasing awareness and education of breastfeeding in African American and black communities.

SNA chapter members Kayla Lagola and five others wrote another resolution that was adopted nationally; it dealt with using simulation to implement nursing education related to lateral workplace violence.

Also in April, the SNA earned two Grand Valley Student Life awards: the Shelia Williams Outstanding Organization and the Care for Community Award for its event, "Comedy for a Cause."

Cynthia McCurren, dean of KCON, said the SNA promotes development of leadership skills and competencies nurses need at the bedside and in the board room. "The significant recognition they have received at local, regional and national levels is a reflection of their capacity to lead, collaborate and ensure high-quality care," McCurren said.

Nancy Carlson is the faculty SNA advisor and Angela Caruso is the student organization advisor. "Both Nancy and Angela encourage us to set goals and go above and beyond those goals," Wrubel said.