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Lack of cash poses risks to many Michigan nonprofits, but foundations may be able to increase distributions

A lack of cash on hand is putting many Michigan nonprofits at risk, according to the Johnson Center.

GVSU study: Almost 90 percent of GVSU charter schools will use hybrid education during COVID-19 pandemic

The Charter Schools Office has commissioned a study to analyze plans for learning during COVID-19.

Big Data being used to help track, study coronavirus

Data and analytics are helping the general public understand concepts about the coronavirus.

How will COVID-19 impact the nonprofit sector? Johnson Center research offers insights

Johnson Center researchers are looking at impacts on nonprofits from the coronavirus epidemic.

GVSU expert: Constant messages about coronavirus can amp up anxiety, affect how you assess personal risk

Amanda Dillard, associate professor of psychology, said people often focus on their vulnerability.

Research team midway through NIH grant focused on wayfinding

The team is working in six assisted living facilities in West Michigan and Cleveland, Ohio.

Advanced technology or technology doping? GVSU expert's research key part of running shoe debate ahead of Olympics

The research of Kyle Barnes, assistant professor of exercise science, has been widely referenced.

Chemistry faculty member and his students steadily assembling new pieces in puzzle of antibiotic resistance

Paul Cook is working with students on the research, which provides crucial undergraduate training.

Biology graduate student's research on genetics of chimpanzees in captivity called 'ahead-of-the-curve thinking'

Francesca Golus started working with biology professor Jodee Hunt as an undergraduate.

A summer wildflower with dark secrets, a Grand Valley researcher working to unlock them

An associate professor of biology is studying how controlled burning can manage the invasive plant.