Focal Point Fall 2013

Campus Drive rockstars

photo by Elizabeth Lienau

text by Leah Twilley

Pictured from left are Rachel Jasinowski, Elizabeth Webb, Olivia Caton and Deon Atkins. The white VW Beetle is driven by student Alivia Rutkowski.

Unlike the Beatles jamming to music on Abbey Road, Grand Valleys student traffic controllers stop traffic from jamming along Campus Drive.

In their yellow submarine-colored attire, the well-known figures can be found directing pedestrians and vehicles at crossings during busy times on campus.

Paul Weaver, a police officer for Grand Valley, manages the team of 40 students. He said the need for traffic controllers began in 2000 because of the growing campus and student population.

Grand Valleys campus is unique because parking is on one side of the road and academic buildings are located on the other side, so theres a steady flow of pedestrian traffic coming from the parking lots during the day, he said.

The campus community is thankful for this group of students who navigate traffic safely along Grand Valleys Campus Drive, also known as A Long and Winding Road.

Page last modified November 20, 2013