Bucket List

A Laker bucket list

by Leah Twilley

Whats one thing every Laker should add to their bucket list?

This question was asked to thousands of students, alumni, faculty and staff members through Grand Valleys social media networks. Hundreds responded with their recommendations on what students should do and experience before they graduate.

1 (by Alicia Paschke) 2 (by @kaseyjeanene on Instagram) 3 (by @kelseymackenzie13 on Instagram)
4 (by @rachelcoehoe on Instagram) 5 (by Jessica Hinderer) 6 (by @meaghan_farley1 on Instagram)
7 (by @themort83 on Instagram) 8 (by @laurarep27 on Instagram) 9 (by @austin_langlois on Instagram)

1. Walk across the Little Mac Bridge on a crisp, fall day
Or walk across the bridge at midnight, said Matt Griewahn on Facebook.

2. Explore the ravines
Instagram user smtaylor580 said Lakers should hike the trails in the ravines, especially in the fall. 3. Get involved Kent Games said, Get involved and be an active member of at least one student organization. Ive had many tremendous opportunities in my life and I can trace it to my time at GVSU and involvement within the major and student organizations. 4. Swim in Lake Michigan Jennifer Dykstras advice to students: Drive out to Grand Haven for a late-night beach, study break with a group of friends. Bonus: stop at Meijer for a pint of Ben & Jerrys on the way. 5. Go to a Laker sporting event Megan Renee said go to as many football games as possible, while @brostyfrosty on Twitter recommended going to at least one game of every sporting event. 6. Get a photo with Louie the Laker teenbean14 on Instagram said, Take a picture with Louie the Laker and T-Haas! 7. Study in the VanSteeland Arboretum Jennifer Monteith said all students should also take a nap under the trellis in the Arboretum. 8. Hang out in front of Zumberge Pond in between classes Instagram user heuwages suggested having a picnic in the middle of the day next to Zumberge Pond. 9. Walk under the Transformational Link Katie Vruggink said students should walk under the blue structure near the lake halls during finals week. Live life on the edge! What would you add to this list? Email gvmagazine@gvsu.edu or tag your tweets and Instagram photos with #GVBucketList.

Page last modified November 18, 2013