Alumni Updates-Celebrations Summer 2014

Celebrations, Births and Weddings


Noah J. Menerey, B.S., 1998, M.S.W., 2001, and wife Heather announce a son, Micah Samuel, born November 26, 2013. Micah is welcomed by siblings Josiah, Anna and Audrey. The family resides in Grand Rapids.

Kristine E. (Ross) Mayra, B.A., 1999, M.Ed., 2010, and husband Nick J. Mayra, B.S., 2003, announce a son, Holden Ross, born July 17, 2013. Holden is welcomed by sister Emily. The family resides in Grant.

Rebecca K. (Veale) Sellers, B.S., 1999, M.P.A., 2001, and husband Matt announce a son, Matthew Jacob James, born January 28, 2014. Matthew is welcomed by sister Emerson. The family resides in Royal Oak.



Amy E.D. (Duerksen) Sherrard, B.B.A., 2000, and husband Josh announce a daughter, Julianne Elizabeth, born February 15, 2014. Julianne is welcomed by brother Joshua. The family resides in Golbert, Arizona.

Bonnie S. (Runnels) Makeham, B.S., 2001, and husband Will announce a son, Matthew J., born January 25, 2014. Matthew is welcomed by brother Colby. The family resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Han K. (Vu) Sheffler, B.S., 2001, M.P.A.S., 2004, and husband Keith announce a son, Kyler, born December 19, 2012. Kyler is welcomed by brother Kaden. The family resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Kristen M. (Anderson) Haight, B.A., 2002, and husband Levi A. Haight, B.S., 2001, announce a daughter, Makayla Jane, born September 20, 2013. Makayla is welcomed by siblings Kaitlin, Malachi and Ezekiel. The family resides in Grand Haven.

Megan E. (Cardinal) Immekus, B.B.A., 2003, and husband Nathan H. Immekus, B.S., 2004, announce a son, Landon Jacob, born April 3, 2014. Landon is welcomed by brothers Evan and Weston. The family resides in Washington Township.

Ellen M. (Matuszak) Strom, B.S., 2004, M.S., 2008, and husband Jonathon announce a daughter, Lucy Kate, born February 14, 2014. Lucy is welcomed by sisters Avery and Ella. The family resides in Troy.

Frances J. (Haarsma) Vugteveen, B.S., 2004, and Robert Vugteveen on June 15, 2013.

Krista J. (Hermann) Hillman, B.S., 2005, and husband Matthew R. Hillman, B.S., 2005, announce a son, Ethan James, born May 4, 2014. The family resides in Spring Lake.

Cecilia M. (Kolen-Varga) Riley, B.S., 2007, and husband Steven announce a daughter, Emma Corinne, born March 26, 2014. The family resides in Muskegon.

Jamie L. (Knott) Wertz, B.S., 2007, and Andrew Wertz on April 26, 2014.

Rachael L. (Dasbach) Hummel, B.S., 2008, and husband Jed L. Hummel, B.S., 2009, announce a daughter, Paige Linn, born March 26, 2014. The family resides in Comstock Park.

Amy K. (Ruddick) McCullough, B.A., 2008, and husband Jordan B. McCullough, B.S., 2009, announce a daughter, Evelyn Mae, born, December 31, 2013. The family resides in Chicago, Illinois.

Olubunmi A. (Fadase) Parks, B.S., 2008, M.P.A., 2013, and husband Brian N. Parks, B.B.A., 2008, announce a daughter, Bailey Sade’, on March 12, 2014. The family resides in Grand Rapids.

Andrea (Lange) Craffey, B.A., 2009, and husband Todd announce a son, Augustus Karel, born August 13, 2013. Augustus is welcomed by brother Charles. The family resides in Grand Rapids.

Laura M. (Leone) Sochacki, B.N., 2009, and Andy Sochacki on May 3, 2014.



Megan D. (Bahr) Shier, B.B.A., 2010, and husband Frederick C. Shier, B.S., 2009, announce a daughter, Emma Josephine, born April 16, 2014. The family resides in Grand Rapids.

Michael J. Yarnott, B.A., 2010, and Breanna Betz on March 22, 2014.

Elizabeth A. (Fynewever) Chiaramonte, B.S., 2011, and husband Joseph M. Chiaramonte, B.S., 1997, announce a son, Rocco Louis, born November 14, 2013. The family resides in Wyoming.

Cody M. Eding, B.S., 2011, and Megan M. (Koeman) Eding, B.A., 2006, on June 1, 2013.

Katie M. Lee, M.Ed., 2011, and husband Timothy C. Lee, M.Ed., 2011, announce daughters, Alexia Ruth and Alvia Marie, born March 6, 2014. The family resides in Ossineke.

Ross L. Ezinga, B.E., 2013, and Kaitlin M. (McDowell) Ezinga, B.S., 2011, on June 13, 2013.


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