Alumni Update-Celebrations

Celebrations, Births, Weddings  Winter 2013


William L. Stage, Jr., B.Phil., 1976, and wife, Mary, announce a daughter, Jenna Therese, born October 1, 2012. Jenna is joined by her seven sisters and one brother. The family resides in St. Louis, Missouri.


Tina M. Zawacki, B.S., 1993, and David Neill, on April 21, 2012.


Elizabeth J. (Droski) Lowther, B.B.A., 2000, and husband Kevin announce twin sons, Bryce McKay and Brody Kyle, born July 13, 2012. The family resides in Ridgeland, South Carolina.

Derek T. House, B.S., 2001, and wife Andrea announce a son, Colin Martin, born September 20, 2012. The family resides in Canton.

Lisa K. (Erickson) Jones, B.S., 2001, M.P.T., 2003, and husband Brad announce a daughter, Kayla Mae, born July 17, 2012. Kaya is welcomed by sisters Emma and Ashlyn. The family resides in Cooks.

Kristin M. (Simmer) McCormick, B.B.A., 2001, and Shawn M. McCormick, B.B.A., 2001, announce a son, Davis Christian, born October 24, 2012. Davis is welcomed by siblings Samantha and Owen. The family resides in Caledonia.

Tracy M. (Talbot) Nyhuis, B.A., 2002, and husband Jamin announce a daughter Nora Jean, born September 19, 2012. The family resides in Grand Rapids.

Kristin S. (Hamilton) Woods, B.S., 2002, and husband Mike announce a son, Lucas Henrik, born October 19, 2012. The family resides in Auburn Hills.

Melissa M. Lang, B.S., 2003, and Nick Rozeboom on September 15, 2012.

Kristin L. Merrill, B.F.A., 2003, and Ken Ashburn on October 6, 2012.

Sarah G. (Kovtun) Bowering, B.S., 2003, and James P. Bowering, B.B.A., 2005, announce a son, Landon James, born August 25, 2012. The family resides in Macomb.

Tiffany L. (George) Duran, B.S., 2003, M.P.T., 2006, and husband Andy announce a son, Zachary Michael, born October 23, 2012. Zachary is welcomed by brothers Ben and Nick. The family resides in Temperance.

Megan E. (Cardinal) Immekus, B.B.A., 2003, and Nathan H. Immekus, B.S., 2004, announce a son, Weston Thomas, born June 27, 2012. Weston is welcomed by brother Evan. The family resides in Washington.

Erica L. Muskovin, B.S., 2004, and Scott Boersma on August 28, 2012.

Katie L. (Bauman) Schubert, M.Ed., 2004, and husband William announce twins, Joseph William and Zeke Thomas, born October 17, 2012. The family resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Ellen M. (Matuszak) Strom, B.S., 2004, M.S., 2008, and husband Jonathon announce a daughter, Ella Rose, born May 13, 2012. Ella is welcomed by sister Avery. The family resides in Troy.

Stacey L. Critzer, B.S., 2004, B.S.N., 2006, and husband Kraig announce a son, Logan Nickolas, born May 3, 2012. The family resides in Niles.

Stephen C. Schulte, Jr., B.S., 2004, and wife Rachel announce a son, Brady Robert, born July 28, 2012. Brady is welcomed by sister Brooklyn. The family resides in Caledonia.

Jaimie M. (Sims) Walsh, B.B.A., 2004, and husband Scott announce a son, Nolan James, born August 5, 2012. The family resides in Mason.

Melissa D. Garrett, B.A., 2005, and Eric Schein on October 13, 2012.

Ryan D. Fry, B.B.A., 2005, and wife Megan announce a son, Owen David, born June 4, 2012. The family resides in Zeeland.

Katherine L. (Hathaway) VanRyn, B.S.W., 2005, and husband Nathan announce a son, Connor Nathaniel, born November 13, 2012. Connor is welcomed by brother Mason. The family resides in Grandville.

Laura R. Kelly, B.S., 2006, and Michael Fox IV on September 1, 2012.

Christine S. Parkes-Schaw, B.S., 2006, and James R. OBrien, B.B.A., 2006, on October 20, 2012.

Erik S. Schaffer, B.S., 2006, D.P.T., 2009, and Kristy Stites on June 30, 2012.

Jane E. (Ladley) Beimer, B.S., 2006, and husband Nicholas announce a daughter, Paige Elizabeth, born June 28, 2012. The family resides in Ypsilanti.

Jacob A. Burritt, B.S., 2006, and wife Crystal announce twins, Alivia Kay and Jackson Andrew, born November 2, 2012. Alivia and Jackson are joined by adopted siblings Kelli Louise and Paris Rae. The family resides in Englewood, Florida.

Anne T. (McKay) Clark, B.A., 2006, and husband Brian announce a daughter, Eleanor Barbara, born June 17, 2012. The family resides in Owosso.

Elizabeth A. (Jackson) De Simone, B.A., 2006, and Peter T. De Simone, B.A., 2005, announce a son, Louis Glenn, born April 20, 2009. The family resides in Utica, New York.

Rebecca K. (Wegener) Lantzy, B.S., 2006, and husband Steven announce a son, Nicholas Madigan, born October 29, 2012. The family resides in East Lansing.

Elizabeth A. (Reichhold) Matthews, B.B.A., 2006, and Marcus S. Matthews, B.S., 2005, announce a son, Colton James, born March 8, 2012. The family resides in Fenton.

Stephanie R. Miller, B.A., 2006, and husband Joshua announce a daughter, Macie Grace, born September 4, 2012. Macie is welcomed by sister Emma. The family resides in Houston, Texas.

Janet L. Bruner, B.B.A., 2007, M.S.A., 2008, and Ryan P. Thatcher, B.B.A., 2006, M.S.A., 2010, on September 8, 2012.

Stephanie J. Carlton, B.S.W., 2007, M.S.W., 2009, and Cameron C. Zwart, B.S., 2007, on October 27, 2012.

Shannon R. Nyhuis, B.S., 2007, and husband Jason announce a son, Camden John, born November 10, 2012. Camden is welcomed by sister Makena. The family resides in Grand Rapids.

Ashley J. (Nowak) Seeburger, B.S., 2007, and Aaron M. Seeburger, B.B.A., 2006, announce a daughter, Scarlett Laurel, born September 23, 2012. Scarlett is welcomed by sister Laila. The family resides in Blissfield.

Eric D. Munyon, B.A., 2008, and wife Michelle announce a son, Levi James, born March 16, 2012. The family resides in Bridgman.

Melissa B. (Cofer) Whitaker, M.P.A.S. 2008, and husband Kyle announce a daughter, Macy Blair, born September 14, 2012. The family resides in Louisville, Kentucky.

Tiffany E. Beaudry, B.S., 2009, M.S.W., 2011, and Adam M. Clarke, B.B.A., 2009, on September 29, 2012.

Amber M. Nykerk, B.S., 2009, and Christopher J. Flier on August 18, 2012.

Stephanie E. Romeo, B.A., 2009, and Jonathan Karsten on September 10, 2011.


Lesley L. Bates, B.S., 2010, and Tyler S. Wehner, B.B.A., 2011, on September 2, 2012.

Rachel K. Curto, B.A., 2010, and Brett Ekstrom on July 28, 2012.

Heather V. DeWitt, B.S., 2010, and Steven M. Asiala, B.S., 2009, on June 16, 2012.

Allison M. Flood, B.S., 2010, and Connor Thomas Field on June 15, 2012.

Emily A. Capron, B.A., 2010, and Todd Capron on June 29, 2012.

Amanda M. Taylor, B.A., 2010, M.S.W., 2012, and Jacob Sciacchitano on June 10, 2012.

Hannah M. (Christoffersen) Pate, M.Ed., 2010, and Jonathon H. Pate, M.Ed., 2011, announce a daughter, Ella May, born March 25, 2012. The family resides in Twin Lake.

Lindsey J. Lanaville, B.A., 2011, and Josh Redinger on September 29, 2012.

Jenna L. Mitchell, B.S.N., 2011, and Michael R. Stoll, B.S., 2010, M.Ed., 2012, on September 15, 2012.

Erin R. Jurgelewicz, B.A., 2011, and Chad Elliston, announce a son, Ryder James, born October 9, 2012. The family resides in Grand Rapids.

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