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NASA's Michigan Space Grants Call for Proposals

September 15, 2020

NASA's Michigan Space Grants Call for Proposals

NASA’s Michigan Space Grants Consortium (MSGC) has just announced the next round of requests for proposals for Seed Grants, Program Grants and Undergraduate/Graduate Student Fellowships for the 2021-2022 year funding cycle:  

Grand Valley State University is one of 11 academic affiliate Michigan Space Grants Consortium (MSGC) institutions in Michigan. MSGC provides funding for research and educational opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Aerospace, Space or Earth System Science as well as in Arts, Communication, Psychology, Philosophy, Medicine and Movement Science that impact science education and human exploration of Earth and Space. This opportunity is open for all faculty, staff, and students.

Faculty and staff may apply for seed grants (especially suitable for faculty who are initiating a new area of research), program grants to support educational and outreach activities (Pre-college education, Teacher training and Public outreach). Undergraduate and graduate students may seek fellowships to carry out research projects under the mentorship of GVSU faculty.

For over two decades, GVSU faculty and students have built a solid record of obtaining MSGC fellowships and grants enriching the scholarship and education experience of our students and faculty. Last year, we brought in over $85,000 that provided fellowships for nine students, seed grants for two faculty members and K-12 science training and outreach program grants for four others. 

GVSU’s Affiliate Representative to MSGC, Dr. Biddanda, will guide interested applicants with effective orienting of their projects to meet NASA’s Strategic Goals and lead them to helpful sources in GVSU where they can get assistance securing match funds. Dr. Biddanda can be contacted with any questions at or (616) 331-3978. The submission deadline is in early November, if you are interested, please contact Dr. Biddanda no later than October 23, 2020.

Awards will be announced in February 2021, and successful fellows and grantees may utilize the funds during May 2021-April 2022 period.

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