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GSA Faculty Awards Announced for Fall 2020 Semester

December 08, 2020

GSA Faculty Awards Announced for Fall 2020 Semester

Each year the Graduate Student Association (GSA) asks graduate students to nominate faculty members that have made an impact upon them in a variety of ways. For the fall 2020 semester, one faculty was nominated for each of the three awards: the GSA Faculty Mentor Award, GSA Outstanding Teaching Award and the Kimboko Inclusion Award. Each nominee exemplified leadership and teaching qualities that set them apart through the eyes of graduate students, therefore, they deserve to be recognized and appreciated for their hard work and caring attitudes.



College of Health Professions

Dr. Andrew Booth, Department of Physician Assistant Studies

Nominated by: Laura Finn and Kayla Malackowski, Physician Assistant Studies

Dr. Booth spearheaded forming the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) committee. This was formed to recognize our program’s weaknesses in regards to diversity and set new goals for improvement. He created many opportunities through his network of connections to allow the PA students to volunteer and help underrepresented communities when safe to do so.



Kirkhof College of Nursing

Dr. Marie Vanderkooi, Kirkhof College of Nursing 

Nominated by: Cheryl Bos and Alida Semrinec, Nursing 

Dr. VanderKooi continues to demonstrate strong intellect, incredible inter-personal skills, and excellent clinical leadership abilities. Dr. VanderKooi has helped several students improve their ability to self-reflect, recognize personal growth, and most of all, believe in themselves. She provides compassion and comprehensive attention to each student.



College of Community & Public Service

Professor Myra Burton, School of Social work

Nominated by: Andrea Gordon, Social Work

Professor Burton commands a room not with an authoritarian stance but with an atmosphere of almost familial warmth. We thank her for representing what it means to be a commanding, strong, empathic, warm woman of color. Her real-world knowledge and teaching platform allow students to feel secure in their future roles.

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