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GSA Faculty Awards Announced for Winter 2022 Semester

April 19, 2022

GSA Faculty Awards Announced for Winter 2022 Semester

Each year the Graduate Student Association (GSA) asks graduate students to nominate faculty members that have made an impact upon them in a variety of ways. For the Winter 2022 semester, faculty members were nominated for each of the three awards: the GSA Faculty Mentor Award, GSA Outstanding Teaching Award, and the Kimboko Inclusion Award. Each nominee exemplified leadership and teaching qualities that set them apart through the eyes of graduate students; therefore, they deserve to be recognized and appreciated for their hard work and caring attitudes.


College of Education & Community Innovation

Dr. Carrie Buist, Department of Criminal Justice
Nominated by: Haley Rothe, Criminal Justice

Dr. Buist has an advanced understanding of underrepresented groups and has demonstrated this knowledge within her many works as a criminologist. Dr. Buist’s publications have focused on feminist criminology, critical criminology, transgender victims and offenders in the criminal justice system, and more focusing on gender and LGBTQ+ topics involving the criminal/legal system.



College of Education & Community Innovation

Dr. Nagnon Diarrassouba, Department of Literacy Studies – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language 
Nominated by: Molly Roesler, Literacy Studies – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages      

Dr. Diarrassouba always encourages compassion, empathy, and hard work in his classes. As a mentor he always challenges students to see things from other perspectives. He also highly encourages communication and collaboration with other professionals in order for his students to gain more knowledge in the field. 

College of Health Professions

Ms. Josie Fowler, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders  

Nominated by: Jenna Snyder, Speech-Language Pathology          

Jenna writes: “Throughout this journey I have learned to trust that I am in the right place because every step along the way Ms. Fowler has made me feel confident, calm, and competent. She has been there as an ear to listen, a sage to turn to for good advice, and somebody whose expertise I trust."

Kirkhof College of Nursing

Dr. Amy Manderscheid, Kirkhof College of Nursing

Nominated by: Kelsey Crampton, Nursing-Doctorate

Kelsey writes: “I have been so fortunate to have been assigned Dr. Manderscheid for my project advisor for my doctoral program. Not only is she kind, encouraging, and supportive, she displays exemplary leadership. Throughout my time working with her she has encouraged me to reach beyond what I thought possible for myself. She has guided me, step by step, through the creation of my graduate project and I do not think I could have done nearly as well without her."



College of Health Profession

Ms. Kristen Vu, School of Interdisciplinary Health
Nominated by: Kelly Alley, Medical Dosimetry

Kristen Vu is an asset to GVSU and should be recognized for all her hard work and dedication. Kristen is a very wonderful professor, medical dosimetrist and person in general. She truly cares about her students and their understanding of the incredibly important material.

Dr. Cathy C. Harro, Department of Physical Therapy
Nominated by: Hayley Hall, Physical Therapy

Her Neuro Interventions course carries a reputation as very rigorous, sitting at the pinnacle of the DPT curriculum in its intensity and challenge. Classroom and lab components emphasize breadth and depth of understanding both the theories and their clinical applications. Cathy masterfully scaffolds these concepts throughout the semester and compiles them in her comprehensive course pack, which included notes and additional resources.

Dr. Heather Wallace, Department of Public Health 
Nominated by: Leigha Filips, Public Health

Leigha writes: "Although our current class is around certain sensitive topics, such as religion and spirituality, she does an amazing job creating a safe space to speak our thoughts and often gives critical feedback. Her knowledge of health and disease disparities as they relate to social determinants of health and behavioral theories has allowed me to have a better understanding of why certain things exist in public health and how I can approach these problems once I am in the field."

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