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GSA Faculty Awards Announced for Winter 2020 Semester

May 06, 2020

GSA Faculty Awards Announced for Winter 2020 Semester

*Photo courtesy of Bird + Bird Photography. This image is from a previous event.

Each year the Graduate Student Association asks graduate students to nominate faculty members that have made an impact upon them in a variety of ways. For the winter 2020 semester, three faculty members were nominated for the Graduate Student Association Faculty Mentor Awards and three faculty members were nominated for the Graduate Student Association Outstanding Teaching Award. Each nominee exemplified leadership and teaching qualities that set them apart through the eyes of graduate students, therefore, they deserve to be recognized and appreciated for their hard work and caring attitudes.



College of Community & Public Service

Dr. Naoki Kanaboshi, School of Criminal Justice

Nominated by: Malu Gadelha, Criminal Justice 

Dr. Kanaboshi has demonstrated a level of commitment and effectiveness as a mentor that has exceeded all expectations. He makes it a point to establish a positive classroom environment to allow students to express their points of view in a respectful manner. He excels as an instructor and truly cares about his students’ learning.

College of Health Professions

Dr. Julia K. VanderMolen, Department of Public Health

Nominated by: Gabby Roux, Public Health   

Dr. VanderMolen continuously takes the time to mentor students and encourages them to be active and involved in conferences, community opportunities, and research during their time in the MPH program. She goes above and beyond to ensure every single students’ success. She is an influential role model and exemplifies a dedication and passion for teaching that inspires her students.

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Dr. Dan Brown, Department of English

Nominated by: Sarah Parlette, Applied Linguistics     

Dr. Brown goes above and beyond to be a mentor and a professor to students. He is supportive and encouraging, both academically and professionally. He offers advice to students to ensure that they are working towards success. He also meets with students beyond his office hours to help students in any way he can. He is an outstanding mentor that continuously exemplifies through his actions what it means to care for his students.



College of Health Professions

Dr. Laura E. Lenkey, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Nominated by: Mary Kate Hoeve

Dr. Lenkey shows a dedication to student learning and effective teaching that supersedes those around her. She offers guided advice and constructive criticism to students to challenge them in their coursework. Her enthusiasm to teach and push students out of their comfort zones to grow personally and professionally is admirable and worthy of recognition.

Dr. Dan Vaughn, Department of Physical Therapy

Nominated by: Justyna Marasco, Physical Therapy

Dr. Vaughn is the first professor to arrive in the morning and the last one to leave every single day. He is active and present in the curriculum that he teaches and his teaching style allows students to feel confident in their coursework. He offers years of clinical experience that inspire students and encourages them to be exceptional physical therapists.

Dr. M. Megan Woller-Skar, Department of Biology

Nominated by: Jeff Heise, Biology 

Dr. Woller-Skar does an exceptional job at presenting course content in a format that makes class enjoyable and easy to understand. When the current pandemic arose, she converted her classes to online courses quickly and flawlessly making the switch easier for her students. She is brilliant and exemplifies character and equity in her teaching.

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