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Recent Communications Graduate Finds Success at Steelcase

August 25, 2017

Recent Communications Graduate Finds Success at Steelcase

Pasha Shipp, a graduate of the Master of Science in Communications graduate program, accepted a position at Steelcase this year and states that her time at Grand Valley State University was an "invaluable experience."

Pasha started her time in GVSU's graduate school by accepting a position as a graduate assistant in the Office for Community Engagement, and said she felt proud to work with a highly-motivated and passionate team. Pasha stated that "Working in [Ruth Stegeman's] office set the tone for the positions I  would later hold."

After working in the Office for Community Engagement, Pasha accepted a position working with ArtPrize for the ArtPrize Eight season, where she was challenged to balance her professional life and schoolwork. Despite this she said she never let the demanding hours impede her ability to attend to her schoolwork. 

Following the ArtPrize Eight season, Pasha accepted her current position at Steelcase. She said that her Communication Management and Cases class at GVSU has really helped her in this position. Pasha said, "The course taught us how to comprehensively build communications plans, how to manage team members, and how to get a handle on changing technologies. Not only did I use the class to build the communication plan that I would later use to get this job, I still use pieces and parts of the class to be successful at work every day."

Lastly, Pasha stated that her time at GVSU will affect her for the rest of her life - "Being a master's degree recipient is truly an honor, and I am so proud to be able to say that I attended one of the best and most engaging schools in the state! I am truly honored to have attended Grand Valley State University."

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