Irene Fountain

Irene Fountain has been with The Graduate School since its inception in 2000 as GSGA.

Irene serves as Dean Jeffrey Potteiger's administrative assistant. She coordinates several graduate studies-related groups such as the Graduate Program Directors Advisory Council and serves as the official recording secretary and ex-officio member of the Graduate Council, a faculty governing body, and supports the Graduate Curriculum Subcommittee as well.

She works with the Dean and other departments with organizing the graduate student orientations and organizes the end-of-semester Graduate Student Celebration and Dean's Citations for Academic Excellence.

Irene is responsible for administering the graduate assistantship program, wherein she reviews GA contracts and serves as a liaison between Financial Aid, Student Employment, hiring departments, and graduate students. She also administers the Graduate Presidential Research Grants program, tracking the budget and financial reimbursements for awardees.

She is also responsible for tracking The Graduate School's department budget and expenditures, coordinating the Dean's calendar, scheduling department meetings and events, creating the content of The Graduate School website and department newsletter, as well as updating The Graduate School portions of the faculty handbook and student catalogs.

Irene Fountain

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