Parent Testimonials

A few parents who have students involved as members of our Greek community have taken the time to write letters to other parents about the benefits their son or daughter has seen from their Greek membership. Read on to see some of the great things they have to say!

If your son or daughter is interested in joining a fraternity or a sorority, it is very normal that you as a parent have some questions about what their membership entails! By clicking here, you can download our Parent Guide and read all about what it means for your student to be a part of the Greek Community at Grand Valley State University.


"Since our daughter has become involved with Greek life, her personal growth has not gone unnoticed. Through her experience of being a founding member of a Latina-based sorority, our daughter has seen her full potential as an individual, and as a result she has become more motivated to go above and beyond her own expectations...

"As we continue to understand Greek life, we only see it as a positive opportunity for students and look forward to seeing more growth in our daughter. We would encourage any GVSU student to become part of the Greek Community."

-Olga and Pablo Aguillon, Parents of a Sigma Lambda Upsilon member

"We have two children in college, both of which we are proud to say are involved in the Greek Community at Grand Valley State University. My husband and I both encouraged getting involved early on upon arrival at campus, and our kids have thoroughly enjoyed their decisions to go Greek.

"We have seen proof to the positive that our daughter as a freshman feels welcomed as an integral part of her sorority, and our son as a senior has become very involved over his membership years in the leadership aspect of his fraternity. Overall we have witnessed and believe that the friendships made and experiences gained have truly helped shape our kids’ personal growth, and we would encourage any GVSU student to seek out the Greek community."

-Michelle Cool, Parent of a Delta Zeta member and a Delta Sigma Phi member

"My daughter has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition but since joining (her sorority), she has grown even more. Being a part of such a great organization is definitely helping my daughter to be a leader rather than a follower.

"Joining has helped her to become a dependable team player and has helped her have good judgment and have a mature outlook that will ensure a logical and practical approach to her future endeavors..."

-Lorissa Bridgewater, Parent of a Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc. member

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