A Letter to Potential New Members:

Dear potential sorority women,

Welcome to Fall 2020 Panhellenic Recruitment! We are so thrilled that you are interested in joining the sorority community at Grand Valley! The Panhellenic sororities and sorority women that make up our community represent and stand for many things. Many women come to find out that going through Panhellenic Recruitment can be rewarding and life-changing. Greek life is a great way for one to become a part of campus life along with getting involved. Joining a sorority does not just impact a woman's college experience, it impacts a woman's life! If you ask a person in a fraternity or sorority, they would say that their experiences in Greek Life are irreplaceable and have truly shaped their time at Grand Valley along with their future to come. Joining a sorority does not make a woman better than anyone else, it makes that woman better than she used to be. By joining a sorority, a woman can gain a lot of leadership development, academics and career-enhancing opportunities, friendships that last a lifetime, and a powerful sisterhood.

Greeks life at Grand Valley strives for excellence and improvement in all aspects we do. If you feel that you share the same ideals, I know there is a place for you in our community. To take a chance to see if our community is the right place for you, try going through recruitment! You can meet a lot of new people and potential sorority sisters while getting to know what sorority life is all about at Grand Valley. Take the time and enjoy recruitment events that have been planned for you. Remember to always be yourself, meet as many Panhellenic women as you can, keep an open mind, but most importantly- have fun!


Brittany King
Vice President of Recruitment

How Formal Recruitment Works:

Grand Valleys Formal Sorority Recruitment is hosted by the Panhellenic Association and is a great way to meet the ten National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) chapters at Grand Valley State University. As a new or returning student at GVSU, formal recruitment is a great introduction to campus and an excellent way to form a network of close friends within just a few days.

As a recruitment guest, you will have the opportunity to attend events at each of the NPC chapters. Throughout the weekend, by the process of mutual selection, guests will narrow their choices until they find a chapter to call home. By participating in formal recruitment, you are taking the first step toward an active and enriching experience as a sorority member at Grand Valley. Without a doubt, you will meet women who will be your best friends during your college years and beyond. At the end of each round, recruitment guests will priority rank the chapters they would like to see again. Likewise, the chapters invite back the recruitment guests that they believe would be a good fit for their chapter. The data is then compiled through a computer software program and schedules are produced for each potential member for the next round. This process continues throughout the week until the Preference Round. Immediately following the last preference event, all potential members will sign their preference card with a fraternity and sorority life staff member. Preference card signing is explained in detail to each individual potential member at this time.

What About Rumors?

It is possible that during formal recruitment you may hear rumors about chapters or chapter members. Speaking unfavorably about a chapter, chapter members or another perspective member could result in influencing someone's recruitment experience and hurting someone's feelings. If you encounter any negative comments or behaviors from the chapter members or other recruitment guests, please report it. Questions and concerns should be directed to Rho Gammas or the Recruitment Staff.