Winter 2018 Panhellenic Recruitment Information

Alpha Omicron Pi (Open House)

  • January 25th 9:15 “Tie with AOII” @ the AOII House
  • February 13th 9:15 “Galantine’s” Day @ the AOII House
  • March 14th 8pm-10pm March Madness @ the AOII House


Alpha Sigma Alpha

  • January 24th 9:15 Hot Chocolate Bar @ the ASA House
  • January 29th 9:15 Philanthropy event @ the ASA House
  • January 30th 9:15 Game Night @ the ASA House
  • January 31st 9:15 Canvas Painting @ the ASA House
  • February 5th- Preference (Invite only)

Alpha Sigma Tau

  • January 17th Meet and greet @ Holton Hooker
  • January 24th Philanthropy craft night @ Grand River Room
  • January 30th Sisterhood Hot Cocoa bar @ AST House
  • February 1st TBT Night @ AST House
  • February 4th Preference Round (invite only) @ AST House

Delta Zeta (Open House)**

  • February 15th 7pm-10pm @ the Delta Zeta house House

Gamma Phi Beta

  • January 31st 7pm-10pm Sisterhood Event @ the GPB House

Phi Mu (Open House)**

  • March 13th 9:30pm @ the Phi Mu House

Phi Sigma Sigma

  • January 25th 8pm-10pm Hot Cocoa and Coloring @ the PSS House  
  • January 26th  Preference Round (invite only) @ the PSS House

Sigma Kappa (Open House)**

  • February 2nd 7pm-8:30 “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

  Sigma Sigma Sigma

  • January 22nd 8pm-10pm Cocoa and Canvas @ Tri Sigma House
  • January 23rd 8pm-10pm Philanthropy craft @ Tri Sigma House
  • January 25th Preference Dinner (invite only)

**Sororities participating in open houses are not recruiting in the winter but will be recruiting in the fall**

Page last modified February 19, 2018