Our Greek Community

Joining a fraternity or sorority can be one of the greatest experiences during your college career. Grand Valley's Fraternity and Sorority community is proud of the many leadership, scholarship, and community service learning opportunities provided for members, as well as all students. Being a part of fraternity and sorority life at Grand Valley surrounds you with others who are striving for high standards and strong friendships.
Please take the time to learn more about the benefits of Fraternity and Sorority life and how you can become a part of the Greek community at GVSU! WHY:


There are many leadership development opportunities offered locally, regionally, and nationally. State days, regional leadership conferences, and national conventions are held by groups to further leadership skills within their members. There are other opportunities to further develop leadership skills as Grand Valley sends students to the Mid-American Greek Council Association Conference, the National Black Greek Leadership Conference, and the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute each year.

A large portion of leadership development in fraternity and sorority life is the involvement that can be had within a chapter or council by holding a position, or within another student organization. Fraternity men and sorority women are some of the most engaged and involved students on campus with a large portion of members involved in activities outside of fraternity and sorority life.

Service and Philanthropy

Fraternities and sororities value community service and participate in many volunteer and fundraising events throughout the year. Fraternities and sororities at Grand Valley tackle multiple projects each semester both in the campus community and the greater Grand Rapids area. Participation in service projects and philanthropy events is a highlight of membership and serves as a fun and rewarding way to interact with brothers and sisters while giving back to the community at the same time.


Members of fraternities and sororities constantly strive to maintain high academics. Through holding academic programs and study sessions, chapters work to constantly improve their overall grade point average as well as their chapter average. Many organizations also offer academic scholarships as an incentive to achieve academic excellence. The fraternity and sorority community also is home to several honorary societies like Gamma Sigma Alpha, Order of Omega, and Rho Lambda.

Brotherhood and Sisterhood

Many members of fraternities and sororities hold brotherhood and sisterhood as the most important aspect of their organization. Brotherhood and sisterhood not only applies to those at Grand Valley, but extends on a national level and through alumni associations of various chapters. Fraternities and sororities truly provide a home away from home with these bonds of friendship lasting a lifetime.

There are many options, choices, and ways to go about looking for the right organizations for you. Some organizations target certain times of the year to bring new members, and other groups focus on a year round recruitment process. Whatever group you are looking for, you need to remember a few simple things. First you must have a 2.5 GPA, second an open mind, and third be prepared for a great experience! Campus Life Night
At the beginning of each academic year, Grand Valley has a large event in the Fieldhouse Arena known as Campus Life Night. Each student organization has a table with information and gives you the opportunity to meet members and as questions. All fraternities and sororities have information tables during Campus Life Night, so this gives you an awesome opportunity to check out all of the organizations. Please contact the Office of Student Life at (616) 331-2345 for more information about Campus Life Night. Recruitment
At the beginning of each semester, each council will begin to have recruitment events to bring new students into the fraternity/sorority community. Two councils do this more visibly, the IFC and PA councils sponsor formal recruitment periods. These formal recruitment opportunities are designed to give an interested student a good idea of what all the chapters do on campus, and what group they will fit with best. The two formal recruitment periods are generally at the beginning of the fall and winter semesters.

Membership Intake
The BGC and MGC groups seek new membership on a chapter level, not as a council. For this reason the council does not plan a formal recruitment process. The organizations are still under the same GVSU recruitment guidelines but no regulations are made by their councils. Intake is a recruitment process aimed at finding quality members all year round. The individual chapters will host information nights for interested students to come and hear about their group, but at any event feel free to ask a member of a Greek organization and they can tell you how to become a member.

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