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IFC Bid Day
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2023 Interfraternity Council Recruitment Dates

IFC Recruitment Orientation -Thursday, September 14 at 4 p.m.

Chapter Sponsored Events - September 15 through September 26

Preference Dinners - September 27 & 28

Bid Day - Saturday, September 30 (Time and Location TBD)

Interfraternity Council Overview

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) at Grand Valley State University is a student-led organization that oversees and governs the fraternity community on campus. The IFC is committed to promoting and upholding the values of its member fraternities, which include scholarship, leadership, service, and brotherhood. Through its programming and initiatives, the IFC works to enhance the fraternity experience and provide opportunities for personal growth and development for its members. The IFC also collaborates with other student organizations and campus departments to support a safe and inclusive community for all students. At Grand Valley State University, the IFC serves as a resource for its member fraternities, providing guidance and support in areas such as risk management, recruitment, and leadership development. The IFC also works closely with the university administration to ensure that its member organizations are in compliance with all university policies and procedures.

Overall, the IFC at Grand Valley State University plays a vital role in promoting a strong and vibrant fraternity community on campus, and is committed to providing its members with the tools and resources they need to succeed both during their time in college and beyond.

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Meet Our IFC Fraternities

Contact Information

IFC Vice President of Recruitment: Matt Wagonblott

IFC President: Marco Thomson

Fraternity & Sorority Life Staff: Jeremy Paul, Alicen FimpleDylan Barron

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