Sunday, March 25: Unity

9:15pm - KC Grand River Room

THE ONE WHERE WE DO ROLL CALL: This event is a roll-call style event to foster a spirit of unity among the different Greek councils at GVSU. We may have different practices and traditions, but we all represent our letters proudly. Each organization will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and what they value to the community. Points will be awarded as an attendance percentage for each team. 

Monday, March 26: Academics

All Day - KC Lobby

THE ONE WITH THE SCHOOL SUPPLY DRIVE: Points will be given to the organizations with the most donations. First, second, and third place will be awarded. Example acceptable donations include: lined paper, copy paper, construction paper, spiral notebooks, composition books, index cards, blue or black pens, #2 pencils, colored pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener, pencil case, colored markers, crayons, highlighters, dry-erase markers, dry-erase boards, paper clips, 3-ring 2" binders, pocket folders, report covers, stapler, staples, rulers, protractors, glue sticks, scissors, tape, simple calculators. 

Tuesday, March 27: Leadership

7:00pm - KC Grand River Room 

THE ONE WITH JAMES ROBILOTTA: Join us to hear fellow Greek Life member, James Robilotta speak about leading imperfectly. More information about James can be found here: ON HIS WEBSITE.  Points will be awarded as an attendance percentage for each team. 

Wednesday, March 28: Brotherhood/Sisterhood

9:15pm - KC Pere Marquette

THE ONE WITH THE NEWLYWED GAME: Come out and watch teams made up of two representatives per organization compete to show which team knows each other best. Example questions include, "Name one of the other chapter’s founders," and "Identify the other chapter's pin." Additional questions will be asked on each council at Grand Valley, Greek Life as a whole, and general Grand Valley trivia. Points will be awarded to the top three teams, as well as the team with the highest attendance. Teams are encouraged to dress in costume. Connor McDonald (Alpha Tau Omega) and Jeanine Lane (Sigma Sigma Sigma) will be MC's! 

Thursday, March 29: Recognition

9:15pm - Fieldhouse Arena

THE ONE WITH THE LIPSYNC BATTLE: Join us to watch the teams battle it out lip sync style! Rules for lip sync are detailed in the Rule Book, which can be found on the Greek Life Council LakerLink page. 

Friday, March 30: Service

1:00-4:00pm - Sites Vary

THE ONE WITH THE ALL GREEK DAY OF SERVICE: **MOST IMPORTANT EVENT** This year, we are giving back to the community by volunteering at three local sites for a day. Each organization will be responsible for sending a designated number of representatives to each service site, with each site having 30-40 members total. The requirement for each individual organization was calculated using chapter totals from last fall (approximately 6% per chapter). We will be volunteering at Comprenew, WellHouse, and the Sustainable Agriculture Project. This event will be worth 200 points, and each team will get full points if all their members are in attendance for the full time period. 

All Week: 

THE ONE WITH THE COIN WARS: Teams will compete to raise money for the Student Legacy Scholarship fund. This fund was created to help students with the rising costs of college tuition. All types of coins, dollar bills, and Venmo amounts will count towards your team's total. Points will be awarded to the top three teams. 


THE ONE WITH THE SOCIAL MEDIA CHALLENGE: Each morning, a challenge will be tweeted from the Greek Life Council twitter account (@GVGLC). Teams will have until 5:00pm to complete the challenge. Additional plot twists will be released throughout the week. Point totals will vary based on each challenge.