Funding Policies and Procedures

A few quick notes about the funding request process.

  • Funding requests have to be submitted through Orgsync at least 4 weeks before the event, and 1 week before the funding board meeting.
  • For all events that will be submitted to the funding board, a meeting should be scheduled with the Greek Life Council/Fraternity and Sorority Life staff prior to the submission. This will ensure that the form is completed properly and that the correct funds are being requested.
  • For larger events please plan the request further out to ensure that the funding will be able to be utilized for the program.
  • No Funds can be spent before the funding board request. There are no reimbursements for funds spent before the award of funds. No Contracts should be signed, or orders made prior.
  • Please review the finance at a glance form for a more detailed funding board process description and what funds can and can not be used for.
  • After requests are approved a meeting will need to be scheduled with the Fraternity and Sorority Life Coordinator to coordinate the allocation of funds.

Page last modified February 14, 2018