Below are links to commonly required forms:

Standard Conflict of Interest Form

  • A standard COI form is required for all PI's and co-PI's on a proposal before submission
  • It can be signed electronically
  • To be used for submissions to all sponsors but the National Institutes of Health

Export Control Form

  • A standard Export Control form is required to be filled out before routing begins, one per project, to be completed and signed by the PI
  • This form is required for all externally sponsored projects
  • It can be signed electronically 

GVSU Cost Estimating Spreadsheet

  • A form for estimating budgets before proposals, with preloaded fringe and indirect rates
  • It is not expected that the PI fills this form out by themselves, please work with your grants and contracts specialist to complete the estimate
  • Required form for all proposals that have a budget that includes salaries or wages for any GVSU employee including students
  • GVSU Budget Justification Instructions

Funding Clearance Request Form

  • This form should be filled out and submitted to your grants and contracts specialist for routing before application to any non-federal, non-state-entity
  • It will route through Cayuse
  • A determination will be made if you can approach the organization, and through which office (OSP or UD)

Sub-recipient Information and Compliance Form (Pre-Award)

  • This form is required to be filled out by all sub recipients before a proposal is submitted
  • It must be signed be an Authorized Representative at the sub recipients institution
  • The list of required documents on the form may not be comprehensive

If there are other forms you'd like to see on this page, let us know!

Page last modified April 8, 2022