Courses for Specialist in School Psychology

Course Requirements

The graduate program in school psychology is a three year, full-time program with a total of 66 credits, including the year 3 internship. 

The curriculum for the school psychology program is sequenced for each semester, beginning with foundational concepts, such as tests and measurement, and moving into more advanced coursework and application of concepts in fieldwork.

Academic preparation includes training in assessment (educational, intellectual, and behavioral), individual and systems interventions, problem solving, applied behavior analysis, and ethical behavior in schools, which will be complemented with 1800 hours of fieldwork experiences in schools and clinical settings. A background check is required prior to fieldwork in schools.

  • Years 1 & 2:  Students complete coursework and a total of 600 practicum hours in schools and clinical settings.
  • Year 3:  Students complete a 1200-hour internship in a school setting.

Course List

Year 1




PSY 500: Introduction to School Psychology (3 credits)

PSY 622: Educational Assessment (3 credits)

PSY 642: Assessment Practicum (1 credit)

PSY 522: Applied Behavior Analysis I: Theoretical Foundations (3 credits)

PSY 510: Tests and Measurement (3 credits)

PSY 524: Developmental Psychopathology (3 credits)

PSY 654: School-based Intervention and Consultation (3 credits)

PSY 644: Clinical Practicum (1 credit)

PSY 523: Applied Behavior Analysis II:  Application to Behavior Change (3 credits)

PSY 623: Intellectual Assessment (3 credits)

PSY 642: Assessment Practicum (1 credit)

PSY 550: Research in Applied Settings (3 credits)


Year Two




PSY 624: Behavioral Assessment & Intervention (3 credits)

EDS 638: Instructional Practices: LD II (3 credits)

PSY 532 Psychopharmacology (3 credits)

PSY 675: School Psychology Practicum (3 credits)

PSY 527:  Ethics & Diversity in Professional Practice (3 credits)

EDS 640: Diagnostic Teaching Clinic (3 credits)

PSY 693: Master’s Project (3 credits)

PSY 675: School Psychology Practicum (3 credits)

EDL 653: Special Education Law (3 credits)

PSY 525: Applied Behavior Analysis Applied to Autism and Developmental Disorders (3 credits)

Year Three

Fall & Winter

PSY 685: School Psychology Internship (6 credits total)

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Students in the school psychology program are automatically admitted to the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Graduate Certificate Program. See more about the Applied Behavior Analysis Certificate Program.

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