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Solar Powered Charging Station Installed at front of Engineering building

July 15, 2018

Solar Powered Charging Station Installed at front of Engineering building

Students of Electrical Engineering have built a solar-powered charging station, which has been installed at the front side of John C Kennedy Hall of Engineering. The project was built by Nabin Ghimire, Mourya Chigurupati, and Khaja Mohammad, all of them perusing Masters In Electrical Engineering at GVSU.

The project contains a solar panel which is heated with the sunlight and the voltage output control system which supplies the required voltage to the cell phone and the laptops.. A solar-powered charging station is designed so that gadgets can be charged outside and in an ecologically inviting way. This system converts solar energy to Direct Current and stores that in the battery bank. The stored energy is then utilized for the purpose of charging the mobiles, laptops. The charging station is designed based on the specification for what it is designed to handle at the output. The current design utilizes the power to charge three USB chargeable devices and a laptop through an outlet provided. A charge controller provided prevents the system from being overcharged and utilized when the batteries need charging. The system is designed to meet the requirement in a cost-effective way and leaving a gap for further technical development and final testing of the system being done by meeting the load requirements, testing the system by tests provided invalidation part.

After installation, many students are found charging their cell phones and laptops, while enjoying the summer outside. 


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