Courses for Mechanical Engineering Emphasis

Students selecting the mechanical engineering emphasis are expected to have an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering or a closely related field. A minimum of 33 credit must be taken for the M.S.E Mechanical program.

The course requirements for the mechanical engineering emphasis are shown in the following table.

All of the following three courses must be taken for 9 credits as part of their Master's of Engineering course requirements:

Professional Practice Courses


Course Title 

Semester Offered

EGR 600 

Advanced Engineering Analysis Credits: 3


EGR 602

Professional Aspects of Engineering Credits: 3


EGR 604

Implementation and Measurement Credits: 3


Elective Courses

The elective graduate courses may be chosen from any of the available graduate engineering courses, regardless of the discipline. However, approval should be taken from Graduate Program Director of the School of Engineering to take the course related to the discipline other than Mechanical Engineering.


Culminating Experience

Note that students in this depth area are also required to complete electives as follows:

   EGR 690 - Capstone Design Project Credits: 3 or EGR 693 - Master’s Project  Credits: 1 to 6 (maximum of 6) or EGR 695 - Master’s Thesis Credits: 1 to 6 (maximum of 6).

Students may register for EGR 693  or EGR 695 based on what they has chosen  more than once, for a combined total of six credits. Students who need to complete their capstone project or the culminating thesis after finishing the six credits of EGR 693 or EGR 695 must continuously register for  EGR 694 - Continuation of Master’s Project Credits: 1 or EGR 696 - Continuation of Master’s Project or Thesis Research Credits: 1 respectively, whose credit does not count towards the minimum requirement of 33 credit hours for M.S.E program.

Catalog For Detailed Information

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