Courses for Manufacturing Operations Emphasis

Students selecting the manufacturing operations emphasis are most often involved in the design and day-to-day running of a manufacturing facility. Students come from a wide variety of undergraduate educational backgrounds, including engineering technology, engineering management, industrial engineering, and mechanical engineering.

Students selecting manufacturing operations are expected to have knowledge of the following topics:

  • Structured programming in C
  • Statistical confidence intervals for the mean
  • Differential and integral calculus


Students who need additional background in structured programming may take CS 500 for 3 credits.

Students must complete the following 4 courses for 12 credits as part of their Master's of Engineering course requirements:


Course Title

Semester Offered

EGR 640

Production Operation Models


 EGR 641

Applied Optimization

Fall (even years)

EGR 642

Materials Handling and Plant Layout

Fall (odd years)

EGR 644

Manufacturing Work Environments


Note that students in this depth area are required to complete electives as follows:

  EGR 692/693 Capstone or EGR 696/697 Capstone (6 credit hours of electives)


Students are encouraged to consider electives in mechanical engineering, product design and manufacturing engineering, as well as computer science, statistics, and the Seidman College of Business.