The woods are the book we read over and over as children. Wyatt Townley

Fall 2017

ENG 624: Lyric Poetry

W 6-9 pm Allendale

Langston Hughes

Dr. Jim Persoon

Dr. Jim Persoon

For many readers, poetry is the most difficult genre they encounter, the one they are most uncomfortable reading, talking about, interpreting, or writing about. It once was for me too, but it has become my greatest love. In this course we will look at individual books by popular writers representative of the varieties of lyric poetry.

The themes and voices of these writers, many of them quite funny, will entertain and inspire you (100% guaranteed). My greatest success as your teacher will be measured, in my view, by how far I can take you on the journey to loving poetry, including such questions as teaching it and writing it, as well as reading it.



Sharon Olds on sex, marriage, and parenting.

Billy Collins on whimsy.

Sherman Alexie on being a reservation Indian in a white society.

Anne Sexton on making the fairy tale feminist.

Carol Ann Duffy on giving the silent women of history and legend their voices.

Langston Hughes on rising up to be the hero of one’s own life.

Philip Larkin on facing not being the hero of one’s own life.

The World's Wife

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