The computer science major provides students with the intellectual foundations and experiences necessary to succeed professionally in the computing and information technology field. The data science and analytics degree provide students with the fundamental analytics background necessary to work with big and complex data sets in any discipline.

Grand Valley State University combined degree programs offer students the opportunity to complete both an undergraduate and graduate degree, meeting their unique personal, academic, and career goals. Pursuing a combined degree program can reduce the cost and total time required to complete both a bachelor's and a master's degree.

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Career Outlook and Opportunities

11% JOB GROWTH BY 2024
11% JOB GROWTH BY 2024
$99,000-$108,000 ANNUAL SALARY
$99,000-$108,000 ANNUAL SALARY

The median annual wage for computer and information research scientists was $114,520 in May 2017. The highest 10 percent earned more than $176,780. The average mean salary for computer and information research scientists in Michigan ranges from $99,000 - $108,000. Employment of computer and information research scientists was projected to grow 19 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for other fields. The fast growth will result in about 5,400 new jobs. Data science and analytics graduates from GVSU become data scientists and work in the following areas:

  • Finance and insurance
  • Knowledge and storage retrieval
  • Marketing
  • National security
  • Political science and polling
  • Public transportation and safety
  • Science and analytics
  • Social media analytics

Why Pursue a Combined Degree at Grand Valley?

  • This program is designed with the working professional in mind, and offers classes in the evening.
  • The program includes field experiences and collaborative assignments and projects.
  • Passionate practitioners with years of experience in the field.
  • The degree has a strong emphasis on the fundamentals of data science.
  • Accelerate your career trajectory and complete your degrees one step ahead of the competition.

Course Offerings

Qualified undergraduates may be admitted to a combined bachelor's/master's program and obtain both a B.S. in computer science (CS) and an M.S. in data science and analytics (DSA) within an accelerated time frame. Students admitted to this program will count up to 12 credits of graduate work in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the undergraduate. After completing 120 credits and all requirements for the bachelor's degree, students are awarded a bachelor's degree. A minimum of 21 graduate credits must be completed after the 120 credits of the bachelor's degree. All other master's degree requirements must be met.

Visit the online catalog for course offerings and degree requirements.

Course Offerings


Students will normally apply directly to the School of Computing and Information Systems for the combined B.S./M.S. program during their second academic year. Application requirements include:

  • Overall GPA of 3.25 or greater
  • Student must have been admitted to the computer science program
  • 60 hours of academic credit have been completed or are in progress
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Academic transcripts (unofficial transcripts are allowable)
  • Letter of intent

Visit the online catalog for admission requirements for this program.

Admission Requirements