Courses of Instruction

COM 600 - Systems Theory and Communication
An advanced theory class that takes a systems theory approach to understanding human communication and professional communication problems and issues. - 3 credits
Prerequisites: COM 495, SS 300, STA 215, each with a grade of B or better

COM 610 - Secondary Information and Analysis
Examines available sources of information, how they are accessed, and how to interpret and analyze findings. Attention is also given to data retrieval, storage and analysis, creating files analysis of trends, and aggregating and collapsing information. - 3 credits
Prerequisite: COM 600. 

COM 620 - Empirical Methods in Communication
The primary approaches to communication research with special emphasis on content analysis, survey research, focus groups, discourse analysis, projective techniques, sampling techniques, and proposal and report writing. - 3 credits
Prerequisite: COM 600.

COM 634 - Ethics in Professional Communication
An examination of ethical issues and problems in professional communication. Special attention is given to understanding the connections between the communication industry and society, government, economics, and the law. - 3 credits
Prerequisite: COM 600.

COM 641 - Emerging Telecommunication Technologies
An analysis of the impacts of a variety of new telecommunication technologies on business and industry, with particular emphasis on the use of these technologies to increase efficiency and productivity. Technologies considered in some detail include cable television, microcomputers, teleconferencing, and fiber optics. - 3 credits
Prerequisite: Admission to a GVSU master's program.

COM 642 Communication Law
An examination of the law as it relates to communication. An appraisal of current thinking in communication law and future trends. - 3 credits
Prerequisite: Admission to a GVSU master's program.

COM 643 - Small Group Communication and Leadership
Examines the life cycle and communication structure of the problem-solving group or task force. Emphasis on the emergence of roles and leadership as a result of the communication within the group. Also, communicative and behavioral. - 3 credits
Prerequisite: COM 600, BUS 631.

COM 660 - Communication Management and Cases
The conceptualization of communication problems, definition of terms, determination of information needs, conceptualization/operationalization of primary research where needed, and implementation of findings into the decision-making process. - 3 credits
Prerequisites: COM 620, BUS 631.

COM 680 - Special Topics
A study of special topics not regularly covered in the curriculum. - 3 credits
Prerequisite: COM 600.

COM 695 - Master's Thesis/Project
Master's thesis or project completed in consultation with student's advisor and committee. - 3 credits
Prerequisite: COM 640. 

COM 699 - Independent Study
Initiated by the student who has a special interest in a subject not available in the current curriculum. The student and the faculty sponsor agree on the scope of the study, its components, and methods of evaluation. - 3 credits
Prerequisites: COM 600 and 610.

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