Coursework for Clinical Dietetics

Track A Courses for Clinical Dietetics

This is a full-time coordinated program designed for those who need supervised practice. Classes are taught using the hybrid model, with some Saturday laboratory experiences. Upon successful completion, this program provides eligibility to sit for the registration exam leading to the RDN credential. Total credits completed are 49 to 52 (depending on if the student selects a project or thesis).  

  • Class size is limited to 18-24 students
  • Students will complete a 1200 hour supervised practice in three main areas: food service, community health, and clinical dietetics
  • Options exist for international supervised rotation hours

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Study Abroad - International Supervised Rotation

Students in Track A are encouraged to consider doing an international rotation to fulfill a portion of the supervised practice requirements. Learn more about the Clinical Dietetics Study Abroad opportunities here.

Track B Courses for Clinical Dietetics

This is a part-time, hybrid program (some classes online and some face-to-face), designed for credentialed Registered Dieticians (RDs) or Registered Dietician Nutritionists (RDNs) who desire a master's degree. It is also available as a full-time hybrid program. The focus/specialty area for Track B is Clinical Dietetics and Research. Total credits completed are 39 to 42 (depending on if the student selects a project or thesis).  

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