Suggested Prerequisites

The prerequisite suggestions outlined below are just a guide as a minimum for an application to be considered. In general, more statistics courses  and strong performance in these courses will enhance one’s chance of acceptance. Aptitude in all previous university course work will be considered by the admissions committee. Relevant work experience can also be an aid to an application’s acceptance. Note: The equivalent to these specific courses at another 4 year institution are also acceptable by the program.

STA 216 Intermediate Applied Statistics (required or equivalent)

Project-oriented introduction to major statistical techniques using a statistical package such as SAS or SPSS. Hypothesis testing, {t-test}, multivariate regression, analysis of variance, analysis of covariance, chi-square tests, non-parametric statistics.
Offered fall and winter semesters. Prerequisites & Notes
Prerequisites: STA 215 or STA 312. Credits: 3

At least one more undergraduate statistics course:

STA 310 - Introduction to Biostatistics
STA 311 - Introduction to Survey Sampling STA 312 - Probability and Statistics STA 314 - Statistical Quality Methods STA 315 - Design of Experiments STA 317 - Nonparametric Statistical Analysis STA 318 - Statistical Computing STA 319 - Statistics Project STA 321 - Applied Regression Analysis

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A course in computer programming such as CIS 162 is suggested but not required prior to application.