Capstone and Internship Presentations, Winter 2019

Health Informatics and Bioinformatics Graduate Presentations, Winter 2019

The presentations on Friday, April 19, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM in Eberhard Center 614 are open to the public.

Please plan to attend and bring whoever is interested to support your fellow students. 

Capstone Presentation Abstracts (Download)

Internship Presentations




9:00 am

Christopher Willock

Internship at Great Lakes Health Connect 

9:36 am

Cornelius Scott

Internship at Great Lakes Health Connect 

10:24 am

Rachel A. Dzapo

Internship at MiHIN 

CIS 691 Capstone Presentations




9:12 am

Christopher Willock

Interoperability in Health Care: Unlocking the Value in Data

9:24 am

Cornelius Scott

A Statistical Analysis of Pregnancy Mortality Rate Based on Race

9:48 am

Spencer Vandecar

Population Health – Targeted Support

10:12 am

Caris Newton

Information Services Role in Infection Prevention within Healthcare

10:36 am

Sreevarsha Potluri

Health Insurance Marketplace – Interactive Analytics and Infographic (Decision Made Easy)

10:48 am

Kritika Sijapati

A Comparative Study On Patient-Level Factors Influencing Readmission Within Dialysis Facilities in the US Using ML Algorithms

11:12 am

Neema Maharjan

Comparison of Machine Learning Classification Algorithms - Obesity Dataset with Categorical Variables

11:24 am

Rachel A. Dzapo

Visualizing Opioid Overdose Deaths in the United States