Capstone and Internship Presentation Winter 2017

MBI Graduate Presentations

The presentations on Friday, April 21, noon - 4:20 pm in KEN 330 are open to the public.

Please plan to attend and bring whoever is interested to support your fellow students. 

Internship Presentation Abstracts and Capstone Presentation Abstracts (Download)

Internship Presentations




12:00 PM

Vanaja Danda

BI Intern at Family Futures and RA at Kirkhof College of Nursing

12:20 PM

Bhanu Yandrapragada

Comparing UDS-HRSA Data On the National, State and Local Level at Cherry Health

12:40 PM

Matthew Lueder

Internship at Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, Heidelberg, Germany

CIS 691 Capstone Presentations




1:00 PM

Vanaja Danda

Data Mining Techniques Applied to the Hydrogen Lactose Breath Test

1:20 PM

Rama Prathyusha  Musti

Diabetes Mellitus Prediction in Women

1:40 PM

Kavya Vital Naram

Visualizing Smoking Trends in the US

2:00 PM



2:10 PM

Shivanshu Gupta

Health Information Exchange in OPENMRS using HL7 & FHIR 

2:30 PM

Gnana Velagapalli

Prediction of Parkinson’s Disease Using Machine Learning Approaches

2:50 PM

Bhanu Yandrapragada

A Data-Driven Approach To Predict Cerebral Aneurysm Ruptures Using Discretized Data

3:10 PM



3:20 PM

Sowjanya Ratho

Comparing Classification Algorithms to Predict Vertebral Column Disorder

3:40 PM

Saikrishna Kotha

Comparative Study of Classification Algorithms in Breast Cancer Prediction

4:00 PM

Matthew Lueder

Comparing the Performance of Scalpel to GATK-HaplotypeCaller Using Simulated Reads

4:20 PM

Krishna Nadiminti

Internship at IS RISK Analytics (ISRA)

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