Career Opportunities

Board Certified Behavior Analysts may work in a variety of settings including schools, mental health facilities, rehabilitation centers, and home environments, and they may work with a range of individuals with developmental, behavioral, and learning challenges. Many states have passed legislation mandating insurance coverage of applied behavior analysis services for children with autism spectrum disorders, which has significantly increased the demand for training in behavior analysis. The Work Force Demand Report from the Behavior Analyst Certificate Board (BACB) shows an 800% increase in annual demand for BCBAs from 2010-2017. Job postings have increased all over the country. 

A graduate certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is highly beneficial to educational systems to improve instruction for all students and classroom behavior support. Teachers, consultants, school psychologists, and administrators find that education in behavior analysis assists them in multiple areas of their work with students and school-based staff. Training in behavior analysis provides the confidence and knowledge to implement behaviorally based practices as well as conduct training sessions on behavioral principles and practices to other educators and school administrators. You will also learn to collaborate with ABA providers working in clinic settings. The ABA Graduate Certificate will help you meet many goals including: enhancing your skills with classroom learning and behavior support, advancing your education, earning BCBA certification, and using the principles of behavior in everyday life. A Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis can assist you to meet your goals.

Page last modified November 9, 2018