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Padnos Scholarship Recipients

A legacy spanning 15 years, 91 students & 42 countries . Inspired by the transformative power of a year abroad that he witnessed in his own granddaughter Rebecca, Stuart Padnos partnered with GVSU to create the Barbara H. Padnos Scholarship. The Barbara H. Padnos International Scholars program provides scholarships for year long study abroad programs. The legacy of Barbara and Stuart Padnos live on in the form of the Padnos Scholarship, advancing education in ways that simply cannot happen if the students remain in Ottawa County. Future GVSU students will continue to have this unique opportunity, and the current staff of the Barbara and Stuart Padnos International Center are honored to assist and guide these eager students to plan their adventures. On behalf of all the Padnos Scholars of the past, present, and future, we express our thanks for this vision and generosity.

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