The Sky is the Limit

Nikhil Watsa

With a passion for space exploration and scientific discovery, Nikhil Watsa, Class of 2018, has dreamed of becoming an astronaut and Grand Valley is helping him make that dream come true.

Nikhil sits as Vice President of Grand Valley’s Student Senate and is an active Peter C. Cook Leadership Academy fellow. He knows that without the Donna K. Brooks Presidential Scholarship and the Arend D. & Nancy Lubbers Honors College Scholarship, the outcome may have been quite different.

“These scholarships have made my financial obligations much simpler and have eased the stress for me,” he says. “They’ve allowed me to focus more on academics and other extracurricular activities and have opened a new door for me to explore and learn outside of financial burdens.”

That door has opened up opportunity for Nikhil to make a difference in this world and possibly beyond.

“I really want to explore things that are new and make discoveries that have the potential to be groundbreaking in my field,” he says. “I love sciences, I love the way the universe works, and I want to chase this passion as I aspire to become an astronaut.”

Fortunate to be given various opportunities such as organizing events and learning as a Cook fellow during his time at Grand Valley, Nikhil believes that it’s only right to reciprocate the helping hand he once received for future students following in his footsteps.

“Knowing how much I have benefitted from being at GVSU, it’s almost a responsibility to give back and see more students grow in the same footsteps that I did. I believe it’s important to give back to the community that gave me the opportunity to succeed.”

The sky is the limit for Nikhil, and his Laker Effect is to share the same principle with his fellow peers once he graduates from Grand Valley.

“I want my Laker Effect to be inspiring to others. I want it to represent a forerunner; one who is constantly jumping out at new opportunities and breaking horizons each and every day. It’s okay to step outside of your comfort zone and realize Grand Valley is here to help you find yourself just as they helped me discover why it is I’m here and what it is I must do.”

Page last modified February 28, 2018