Improving the Way Surgeons are Trained

Maruf Hossain

Out of all the places in the world, Maruf Hossain, Class of 2018, chose to come to Michigan all the way from Bangladesh to pursue his master’s in mechanical engineering at Grand Valley State University. “Grand Valley offers unique opportunities that allow students to have real world experience. If I were in a different university I wouldn’t have this type of industry exposure,” he says.

Maruf has been working as a Graduate Research Assistant at the applied Medical Device Institute (aMDI), a first of its kind in West Michigan. Maruf describes this institute as a “medium point between sketch and real world problems,” where a company can come to aMDI at any point in the development process whether it’s for product concept, further research, or for creating the actual product.

He has been involved with a project with Encoris, a company based in Holland, and helped to develop S2T Surgical Smart Trainer, a device that can improve the way surgeons are trained for spinal procedures. The first device to launch is designed to replace the use of cadavers in training for minimally invasive procedures. Maruf explains, “This device is important because cadavers are highly radioactive, and they’re costly.”

Maruf worked on the mechanical side of developing this device and discussed how precise it is. “We developed a mechanism that helps to auto-align to each disc in a spine,” he says. “The main objective was to mimic the x-rays that we get from the cadavers in order to get the perfect alignment.”

All of this hands-on experience has been extremely helpful in shaping Maruf’s future. Donor support for Grand Valley’s nationally recognized engineering program made opportunities like this possible for students. “Thank you to the donors who support the engineering program at Grand Valley. I have helped develop products that will be in people’s lives, I didn’t have that opportunity until I came here,” he says.

Continuing on this path into the future, Maruf wants his Laker Effect to be, “to inspire and influence other people, and to change lives.”

Page last modified April 10, 2018