Part of Their DNA

Becky '80 & Jeff '79 Eckstrom

Kimberly ’07, and Eric ’98 Hartman have their eyes set toward the future. The Grand Valley State University alumni understand the importance of investing in students, after experiencing the transformational power of their own educations. That’s why the pair have decided to take on leadership roles in ensuring students success. 

“One thing that we’ve talked about in our marriage is legacy: what do we want to leave behind for others,” says Kimberly. “We need future students to come after us because someone has to care for us when we’re older!”

The Hartmans are leadership level donors and GVSU Alumni Champions, a group committed to supporting the university and to sharing the excitement and momentum of Grand Valley with their fellow alumni, encouraging them to play a more active role in the support of students. The pair also serve as preceptors in their respective fields, Kimberly as a nurse and Eric as a chiropractor. Through their leadership, the pair hopes to help future generations succeed and encourage others to give back.  

“Today’s college students are thinkers and dreamers and doers, and that is essential to societal progress,” says Eric. “Giving back is about the commitment to ensure that future learners have the same access to facilities and resources that we did, or better.”

While working to help current Lakers impact their communities, the Hartmans are also spreading their Laker Effect throughout Grand Valley and beyond.

“Being Grand Valley graduates will forever be a part of our DNA,” says Kimberly. “Our time on campus influenced us to be the people we are today, so everything we do, everywhere we serve, every life we touch will be part of our Laker Effect!”


Page last modified April 18, 2018