Helping Their Fellow Lakers

Kevin 98 & Jacque 00 & 05 Schafer

Kevin ’98 & Jacque ’00 & ’05 Schafer truly exemplify what it means to be a Laker for a lifetime. The couple has been active at the university both before and after graduation, showing their passion for giving back to Grand Valley. Now, they have started a Laker legacy to help students as members of Grand Valley’s prestigious Gillett Society.

“Grand Valley has given so much to us as a return on our investment that we feel it is our role to give back,” the couple says. “We decided to make a bequest in our will for Grand Valley so that others can have the same opportunities.”

As alumni, the couple remembers the financial challenges students face while working toward their degree. Through a planned gift, the couple will fulfill their desire to provide opportunities similar to the ones that they once received in perpetuity.

I still remember the relief I felt at receiving scholarship dollars,” Jacque says. “It was more than the education it afforded; it gave me the chance to get more involved at Grand Valley without worrying about paying for tuition.”

Thanks to Kevin and Jacque’s generosity, students at Grand Valley will be supported for generations to come. With the impact of their gift in mind, the Schafers hope that others will join them in ensuring success for students.

“We had opportunity because individuals in our community cared about Grand Valley’s future,” the couple says. “We would be honored to have more individuals take part in making that same difference for someone.”