Building a Career

Jayme Larson

Jayme Larson, Class of 2018, has made the most of her time in the nursing program at Grand Valley State University. Through different experiential learning opportunities, Jayme’s passion for helping others has grown into skills that will help her make a difference. 

“A patient is so much more than just their diagnosis,” Jayme says. “The nursing program at Grand Valley has prepared me to be a confident nurse so that I can help with the healing process.”

As a nursing student, Jayme has had access to simulation labs, which allow her to practice her skills in a realistic setting. Simulations enable Jayme and her fellow students to learn from mistakes without the consequences of working with real patients.

“Simulation is great because it prepares us for critical and high stress situations, but it’s also a very safe space,” she says. “Going to a university with the best cutting-edge technology, resources and opportunities, has enriched my undergraduate experience so much.”

In addition to her experience in the classroom, Jayme is also a member of the Student Nurses Association (SNA), where she has been able to gain insight from professionals in many different specializations. Through SNA conferences, Jayme has been able to network, learn more about the nursing field, and take an active role in her education.  

“Being at a conference with thousands of nursing students is very inspiring,” she says. “It really pushes you to be more involved in your field.”

Jayme attributes her growth as a nurse to all of the experiences she’s had at Grand Valley. However, she knows that none of this would have been possible without the generous donor support her program receives.

“I would like to say thank you to all of the donors,” Jayme says. “I feel very thankful to be able to learn in such a supportive and technologically advanced facility.”

Well prepared, Jayme is ready to use her multidimensional skill-set to help patients through the healing process emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

“I want my Laker Effect to be to be able to become a nurse who acts as a support system for patients,” Jayme says. “I want to be able to advocate for my patients and for those who cannot advocate for themselves.”


Page last modified April 18, 2018