Industry-Based Project Space

Increasingly, manufacturers are utilizing students to design innovative products in a secure location. Grand Valley is responding to this need with dedicated space in the Innovation Design Center that is flexible enough for even the largest projects. Many of these products will be brought to market in our community, providing well-paying jobs in manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. The manufacturers we work with include the leading innovators and employers in our region.

In addition, the DTE Energy Foundation Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Lab will move into larger space in the Innovation Design Center. More than 60 manufacturers will use the lab for testing and design services.

There will also be dedicated space for the Power Mobility Project, an ongoing engineering partnership with the community to help children with disabilities learn how to use their power wheelchairs and improve their quality of life.

A female student working with two male students on an engineering project.

EMC Lab - Shows two men checking out the space.

Four students helping a girl with her power wheelchair.