Campaign Goals

This is the final year of the Laker Effect campaign. The momentum you are creating grows with each additional gift. Thank you for supporting our priorities and being part of the Laker Effect!


We strive to provide access to our university for more students and to do so more affordably because, for students, college is the home of possibility.

Our top priority is to provide access for every qualified student who wants to attend Grand Valley and keeping that education affordable. Nothing we do for Grand Valley will matter if students cannot afford to attend.

GOAL 1: Double the number of scholarship recipients.


Let's give our students what they need most: a hand.

To improve access and affordability, we need donor support for our endowed and annual scholarships. While growing, these donor-funded scholarships continue to support a small percentage of our student population. Our goal is to double our reach to help thousands of additional students each year. We have identified two areas where increased scholarship support will have the most impact.

These are our major priorities for this goal:

  • Academic Merit Scholarships
  • Need-Based Scholarships


We aspire to expand our support, retention, and engagement services to ensure success for every student because their success powers ours. 

Starting college is a good beginning. Graduating, however, takes drive, perseverance, and a culture of support. To increase the number of students who complete their degree, we must increase the resources and programs aimed at student success.

GOAL 2: 100% of students fully supported through graduation.


We help thousands of students succeed, but far more of them need our help. Every student benefits from these programs, and they are vital for first generation and at-risk undergraduate students. Donor funding affects the quality of our programs and how many students we can reach.

These are our major priorities for this goal:

  • Student Support Services
  • Leadership Development
  • Experiential Learning


We seek to ensure that our programs, curriculum, and learning environment serve the needs of our students and our community because all of us have a stake in tomorrow. 

We are not finished, because the future isn’t. We have seen strong growth: in our enrollment, our footprint, and our programs. But there is more work to be done. 

Our academic programs and centers require resources to attract and retain top faculty, to expand outreach and student experiences, and to align our programs with a rapidly changing employment environment. Moreover, as the pace at which students learn and employers do business escalates, so does the need for current equipment and technology. 

There is a need to both improve and expand our facilities to meet our rising enrollment. 

GOAL 3: Increase academic capacity and relevance.


These are fundamental aspects of our mission, but also areas of ongoing, increasing need where donor support can make a significant difference.