A Caring Instinct

Cameron Faller

For Cameron Faller, Class of 2018, high school sports injuries left a much more permanent impact than the temporary bruises. Rather than hold him back, the wounds he sustained over his sport-playing years fueled a new desire: to help people improve their human experience. With a passion for giving back and a fascination with anatomy, Cameron began his journey studying physical therapy at Grand Valley State University.

“We all have goals of being as healthy as we can be until the very end of our days,” says Cameron. “Being able to work with people and making their life as functional as possible has been a great passion of mine.”

Cameron was a recipient of the Steven and Kathryn ’83 Bandstra Health Sciences Scholarship, which has helped him focus on his academics, rather than on working extra hours during the semester.

“With this scholarship, I can help take care of some of the tuition costs, and I can focus on being the best physical therapist that I can be,” he says.

Through their own medical experience, donors Steve and Kathryn ’83 Bandstra, recognized the need for educated and qualified health care professionals in smaller communities throughout Michigan. In 2016, they established their scholarship to assist students in a number of different health programs at Grand Valley.

“Not only has the scholarship helped me get through school,” says Cameron, “It has also motivated me to work hard, to be the best person I can be, and in my future give back.”

After graduating with a physical therapy degree in 2018, Cameron hopes to use the skills he gained at Grand Valley to help others.

“I’d like my Laker Effect to be that I’m successful in owning my own private practice physical therapy clinic, and that I am able to help other Grand Valley students and people in the community reach their goals,” he says.

Cameron’s desire for helping people reach their full potential extends past his patients’ physical abilities, and into other facets of life. His goal is to provide for others what the Bandstras have provided for him.

“Receiving the scholarship motivates me to work hard so that I can be able to give another student like me a similar opportunity.”

Page last modified February 28, 2018