Laker Effect

Every day, the Laker Effect is spreading through campus, West Michigan, and beyond. You help create this impact by unlocking the potential of students and helping them realize their dreams. While we can’t possibly share them all, we hope you’ll enjoy these stories of the Laker Effect you are helping create.


Your Effect

The following stories are a sampling of how the impact of your gifts have caused our Laker Effect. We hope you’ll enjoy them.

Financial Report

The Grand Valley University Foundation raised more than $12.6 million this year thanks to nearly 14,000 donors who generously supported the university. The totals include substantial giving to Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall, the first building in the health campus expansion. Finkelstein Hall is on track to reach its donor-funding goals and is scheduled to open in 2018. An 18 percent increase in annual giving, including another record giving level for alumni, reflects the hard work of the Alumni Champions, a group of alumni leaders dedicated to increasing alumni giving to the university. Scholarships continue to be a focal point for donors with 31 new scholarships established this year, bringing the total to 481 donor-funded scholarships. Faculty and staff giving remains high at 54 percent, and the number of retirees who give back to Grand Valley increased by 11 percent this year.

The future looks promising with the university endowment remaining strong at $118.2 million. Overall gifts to the endowment exceeded goals this year, and the Gillett Society continues to grow at more than 370 members.

With the Laker Effect campaign publically announced in June, we can anticipate steady growth in the number of donors and the amount of funds raised for the next few years. We are grateful to everyone who joins us in reaching our campaign goals.

Overall Private Giving data from 2007-2017
Overall Private Giving data from 2007-2017
Year Dollars in millions
2007 $9.4
2008 $24.7
2009 $14.5
2010 $28.4
2011 $14.6
2012 $8.2
2013 $10.3
2014 $11
2015 $16.3
2016 $13.3
2017 $12.6

University Development (FRR), which includes outright gifts, pledges, bequests, and gifts in kind to WGVU and to Grand Valley State University.

Gifts and pledges received by Grand Valley State University and the Grand Valley University Foundation totaled $12.6 million this fiscal year.

Endowment Fund Growth data from 2007-2017
Endowment Fund Growth data from 2007-2017
Year Dollars in millions
2007 $62.3
2008 $63.8
2009 $53.8
2010 $61.1
2011 $74.7
2012 $74.1
2013 $88.0
2014 $103.7
2015 $104.5
2016 $103+
2017 $118.2+

For the full audited financial statement for Grand Valley State University, go to under “Annual Financial Reports.”

Additional information about the Grand Valley University Foundation is available at

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Donor Recognition

We thank you for your help in the growth of the university and for imagining a rewarding future. Without your generosity, Grand Valley would not be the institution it is today.

The inclusion of your name in this report serves as a symbol of your membership in the Grand Valley community. We hope it helps illustrate our gratitude for your support.


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