Building Hope

Ana Saenz

Ana Saenz, Class of 2020, has always had a plan for her future. Her whole life she dreamed of becoming a large animal veterinarian, and would let nothing stand in her way: not even struggles at school. After a challenging semester at Grand Valley, Ana committed to improving her grades, and enrolled in the Laker Strategies for Success Program.

“In the Laker Strategies for Success Program, they calmly told us to take our studies more seriously,” Ana says. “I think I needed to hear it; you can’t take your time at Grand Valley for granted.”

The Laker Strategies for Success Program helps students get back on track academically by having them practice skills like time management, goal setting, test strategies, and more.

“The biggest thing for me was time management,” Ana says. “You’re going head-first from high school to freshman year of college, and you have no idea how to manage your time. Once I learned to get a routine down, I started doing well in my classes.”

Committed to student success, the PNC Foundation generously supports the Laker Strategies for Success Program, and makes it possible for students like Ana to get a fresh start.

“I would like to say thank you to the PNC Foundation,” Ana says. “If it wasn’t for the program, and for the foundation, I would be really behind in my classes, which I need for veterinary school.”

The PNC Foundation is dedicated to supporting organizations that enhance education and enrich the lives of those they serve. The foundation’s generosity has impacted many different areas at Grand Valley, including the Laker Strategies for Success Program.

“The program teaches you things like writing down a routine, and taking more notes than usual,” Ana says. “It showed me how to get a more in-depth understanding of what I learn.”

Inspired by the impact of the Laker Strategies for Success Program on her life, Ana aspires to show fellow Lakers that they are capable of achieving their own goals.

“I would like my Laker Effect to be building hope for students,” she says. “As a freshman, I had no idea what to expect, and I wasn’t even sure about becoming a veterinarian. Grand Valley gave me the hope that being a veterinarian is something I want to do, and something I can do.”

Page last modified February 28, 2018