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Grand Valley State University’s Alumni Champions increase alumni engagement with the university. This is critical to our future success as an institution. Our Alumni Champions are committed to supporting the university themselves and to sharing the excitement and momentum of Grand Valley with their fellow alumni, encouraging them to play a more active role in the support of our students.

Thank you to all of our Alumni Champions who are helping to increase alumni participation and ownership of Grand Valley State University. We are so grateful to you for your dedication to Grand Valley.

Advertising and Public Relations Team

Timothy Penning, Professor, School of Communications, Campus Partner

Cody W. Grice ’14, ’17

Kayla E. Grice ’10, ’19


Club Sports Team

Eric Garvelink ’10, ’12, Chair

Mike Przydzial ’12, Associate Director of Recreation & Wellness, Campus Partner

Nicholaas W. Zomer ’17


College of Education and Community Innovation

George P. Bosnjak ’04, ’06, Chair

Rita Cooper, Office Assistant, College of Community and Public Service Dean’s Office, Campus Partner

Amanda (Harvey) Blanchette ’13

Gregory Blanchette ’13

Jill R. Bosnjak ’03

Colin Cumming MPA ’16

Danielle J. DeWitt ’05, ’09

Christy Holt ’85

Curtis Holt ’85, ’88

Gina Houtteman MS ’99

Richard Houtteman ’98, ’04

Cray Mulder MSW ’97

Kathleen Scheuerle MSW ’02

Cristina R. Stoll ’08

Jeffrey A. Stoll ’06, ’10


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Team

Tim Bulson MS ’09, Chair

Monica Johnstone, Director of CLAS Communications and Advancement, Campus Partner

Lindsey J. Rodarmer ’03, ’06

Ryan R. Rodarmer ’03


Football Team

Dave Radel ’02, Chair

Kim Schmidt ’88, ’00, Associate Director of Alumni Relations, Campus Partner

Brian Eltringham ’01

Bill Hudson ’78

Darrell Niedzwiecki ’82

Kiley Radel

Douglas Reed ’78


Greek Life Team

Branden C. Stewart ’10, Chair

Christopher McQueen, Associate Director of Student Life, Campus Partner

Benjamin Rapin ’00

Holly Rapin ’01

Abigayle Sladick ’07, ’18

Neil Sladick ’05


Inclusion and Equity Team

Elizabeth Doyle ’07, Special Associate for Presidential Initiatives, Inclusion and Equity, Chair, Campus Partner

Joshua M. Brandsen ’04, ’09

Suzanne J. Brandsen ’04

Connie Dang MPA ’09

Eshe Dotson ’98, ’00

Samarhia (Bush) Giffel ’02

Gerard N. Kwiatkowski ’08

Virginia Randall ’73, ’87

Adam Rhodes MED ’08

Michelle Rhodes MBA ’07



Kirkhof College of Nursing & College of Health Professions Team

Justin F. Gray ’12, Chair

Andrew Bixel, Director of Endowed and Planned Giving, Campus Partner

Barbara Hooper ’92, ’12, Assistant Professor, Kirkhof College of Nursing, Campus Partner, Alumni Champion

Elizabeth J. Anderson ’02, ‘06

Julie Bulson ’99, ’07, ’16

Brooke Byrne ’03

Matthew Byrne MSA ’04

Genevieve Elrod ’06

Timothy Elrod ’10

Lisa J. McCann-Spry ’00, ’10


Padnos College of Engineering and Computing Team

David J. Cox ’84, Chair

Casey Thelenwood MED ’11, MBA ’20, Assistant Dean, Padnos College of Engineering and Computing, Campus Partner

Elaine Baine MBA ’18

Nicholas Baine MBA ’18

Nicole M. Bonczyk ’14

Kathryn R. Christopher ’15, ’19


Padnos International Center Team

Shannan Denison ’99, Chair

Alissa H. Lane ’17, International Programs Coordinator, Campus Partner, Alumni Champion

Joshua E. Leffingwell ’11


Rowing Team

Michael Stoll ’10, ’12, Chair

Dan Martin, Rowing Head Coach, Campus Partner

Geoffrey Sadek ’09

Nichole Sadek ’12

Jenna Stoll ’11, ’16

Shane Szalai ’95


Scholarships Team

Briette Bryant Phillips MPA ’08, Development Officer for Scholarship and Fellowship Giving, Campus Partner

Steve Carlson ’78

William Cuppy ’95

Frederick Davison ’69

Galene J. DeWitt ’67

Peter J. DeWitt ’68

Don VanderVeen ’84

Kathleen VanderVeen ’88, ’97

Meghan Wieten-Scott ’06

Alena Zachery-Ross ’95



Seidman College of Business Team

Matthew Dhaseleer ’01, Chair

Karen Ruedinger, Assistant Dean, Seidman College of Business, Campus Partner

Andrew Buthker MST ’13

Layna Buthker MST ’13

Dan L. Carter MST ’84

Robin Dhaseleer

Brandon Erhart ’13, ’20

William Gregor ’76, ’10

Adam S. Henige ’00

Sarah M. (Cadwell) Henige ’02, ’10

Rhonda Huismann MST ’04

Michael Lamfers ’88

Koleta Moore MPA ’95

Walter Moore MED ’04

Kevin Patterson ’04, ’05

Jacque Schafer ’00, ’05

Kevin Schafer ’98

Christopher Snyder ’10

Lily Snyder ’10

Melissa J. Stewart ’09


Student Senate Team

Ricardo L. Benavidez ’14, ’19, Chair

Autumn Mueller, Student Senate President, Campus Partner

Victor Cardenas ’00

Autumn Goulet ’10

Nathaniel Guzman ’06, ’09 

Valerie Guzman ’06, ’16

Haleigh Krombeen ’13

Michael Krombeen ’09

Jarrett K. Martus ’12

Richard M. Rossow ’98

LeaAnn Tibbe ’00, ’05

Len Van Popering ’94


Student Support Team

Kellie Pnacek-Carter ’13, ’18, Chair

Jenna Poll, Associate Director of Financial Aid, Campus Partner

Jill Craig ’07, ’11

Michael Eichberger ’02, ’07

Lillian Elsinga ’68

Jonathan T. Heyboer ’95

Annie Jacobs ’67

Steve Korc ’76

Chad Meyer ’02

Kristin Meyer ’01

Sarah A. Ochsner ’95


Varsity Athletics Team

Derek Johnson MBA ’20, Associate Director of Annual Giving, Staff Chair

Kim Schmidt ’88, ’00, Associate Director of Alumni Relations, Campus Partner

James C. Cisler ’95

James P. Corby ’87

Ethan Cunningham ’08

Shannon Cunningham ’07

Edwin S. Darrell Jr. ’96, ’98

Timothy B. Duthler ’73

Mindy Kalinowski Earley ’01, ’08

Travis Earley ’01

Tyler N. Emmorey ’12

Catherine G. Jones-Rikkers ’85, ’97

Daniel D. Rikkers ’88

Brent Tavis ’12

Kelly Tavis ’08

Doug VanderJagt ’92


Veterans Support Team

Derek Johnson MBA ’20, Chair

Jill Hinton Wolfe ’01, Military and Veteran Resource Manager, Campus Partner

Weston L. Persons ’15, ’20

Abby Yeomans ’10

Kevin Yeomans ’15

Cameron Zbikowski ’20

The purpose of Alumni Champions is to expand and increase the engagement of Grand Valley State University alumni – reconnecting them to the university, increasing the visibility of GVSU in the community, and growing support for current students and university priorities. 

What is an Alumni Champion?

Alumni Champions are Grand Valley alumni who volunteer to connect with friends and fellow alumni to re-engage them with the university and support students through philanthropic efforts. Champions also advocate for Grand Valley as volunteers and alumni organizers.

Annual Campaign

Each spring and fall, Champions reach out to fellow alumni to solicit gifts to Grand Valley with the assistance of the GVSU Annual Giving staff and partners across campus.


Champions are asked to:

  • Join the Alumni Leadership Circle
  • Contact three or more alumni throughout the year
  • Advocate for GVSU and its students in interactions with fellow alumni and the community

If you are a current Alumni Champion, you will find everything you need here.


Derek Johnson, MBA ’20
Associate Director of Annual Giving
[email protected]
(616) 331-5626

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