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March 03, 2022

We currently have an opportunity in support of work we are doing on behalf of the City of Grand Rapids, more specifically MobileGR/‌Parking Services. We have been tasked with collecting parking information throughout the city limits in support of their residential parking permit program. The City would like better insight into what the current occupancy rates are through all commercial and residential zones. To determine this, we will be performing parking counts on a regular schedule and reporting these results back to MobileGR. Because it is such a large area to cover, we have broken the City of Grand Rapids into 20 sections. The collection schedule will cover a Tuesday/‌Thursday/‌Saturday routine, with collection times being performed at peak parking hours during the morning (7 a.m. to 10 a.m.) and evening (6 p.m. to 9 p.m.). This will take place over six weeks (March 21st through April 30th), with new sections each week, enabling us to cover all sections in this fashion. 

The roles will consist of two-person teams, a driver and a collector, who will be dispatched to perform counts following the schedule above. We are utilizing ESRI’s Field Maps app to assist with data collection. The driver will be responsible for navigating collection areas in a safe and efficient manner, while the collector will provide navigation and be responsible for inputting occupancy counts at predefined locations. Collection points are set to change color using an Arcade Expression, to reflect a count being entered to disseminate if any points have been missed. Both the driver and collector will work together to cover their designated area each week, while staying safe and maintaining data collection accuracy. 

So, we are in need of people who are able to commit to these days and times, have a mobile device and/or car, and are interested in collecting data to inform decision making at the City of Grand Rapids. 

The pay will be $20/hr. 

email:  [email protected]

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